Simply-Mover: Moving 800kg to 1,500kg effortlessly

The Simply-Mover is the ideal piece of equipment when you need to move any kind of rolling transport system, such as roll containers, barrels on wheels, refuse containers, retractable seating, and shopping trolleys.

The Simply-Mover is an electrically powered mobility solution that makes moving rolling weights of up to 1,500kg extremely easy. No more physical complaints for you, and you will still feel fit at the end of the day.

This electric tug makes life easier for you. The Simply-Mover is suited for multifunctional deployment and its hook can be adapted to various transport systems. Or we can custom-make a hook especially for you!

Want to see it for yourself or try it out?

No problem! We will be happy to give a no-obligation demonstration at your premises.

Let the ease with which you can move transport systems persuade you. 
  • HW 02

    HW 02
  • HW 03

    HW 03
  • HW 04

    In a nutshell
  • HW 10
    1500 kg

    In a nutshell

Technical details at a glance

HW 02
- engine power 600 Watt
- movable weight 1,500 kg

HW 03
- engine power 500 Watt
- differential
- movable weight 1,000 kg

HW 04
- engine power 500 Watt
- compact and agile
- movable weight 900 kg

HW 10
- engine power 500 Watt
- lifting and driving
- movable weight 1500 kg

- Stainless steel version
- Shopping trolley pusher

All machines carry the CE quality mark

The Simply-Movers at a glance