Shopping trolley pusher

The included remote control enables one employee to move up to 20 shopping trolleys at the same time with great ease

winkelwagen verplaatsen


Stainless steel version

Suited for use in, among other areas:

• food industry

• clean rooms


elektrische trekker RVS uitvoering


Example of an industry-specific coupling option
Whenever no suitable coupling option is available initially, Wernsen Engineering will assume your perspective and come up with a coupling device that can be used to move your transport system using the Simply-Mover.
Besides the actual solution, delivery will also be arranged for you.

• bracket for barrels


elektrische trekker met speciale beugel



Technical details at a glance

HW 02
- engine power 600 Watt
- movable weight 1,500 kg

HW 03
- engine power 500 Watt
- differential
- movable weight 1,000 kg

HW 04
- engine power 500 Watt
- compact and agile
- movable weight 900 kg

HW 10
- engine power 500 Watt
- lifting and driving
- movable weight 1500 kg

- Stainless steel version
- Shopping trolley pusher

All machines carry the CE quality mark

The Simply-Movers at a glance