A Simply-Mover is suited for use at a broad range of different companies.

“The Simply-Mover is my buddy in the workplace. I hook him up to the charger every other week to be able to use him for a whole week.” (user, who uses the Simply-Mover to move barrels)

 Verfton zonder elektrisch hulpmiddel

Moving a barrel of paint without the help of a Simply-Mover power tow; lots of pulling and lugging.



Simply-mover elektrische trekker met verfton

 Moving a barrel of paint using a Simply-Mover power tow. Easy and simple, no more physical discomfort.


“Using the Simply-Mover greatly reduces the strain on workers’ backs and knees, boosting job satisfaction in the workplace.” (operations manager at a paint manufacturing company)



"I couldn’t go a day without the Simply-Mover power tow. Moving shopping trolleys over the distance I have to cover is now a lot easier." (C1000 supermarket employee)

Winkelwagens verplaatsen zonder elektrisch hulpmiddel

Moving shopping trolleys without Simply-Mover requires great strength and is often a 2-person job.

Winkelwagwns verplaatsen m.b.v. Simply-mover het ideale elektrische hulpmiddel 

With the Simply-Mover power tow, only 1 person needed to move a long line of shopping trolleys.

“Thanks to the Simply-Mover I can work independently, and without putting a strain on my back.” (sports hall manager)

In de gymzaal met twee personen de tribune open klappen


As you can see, the Simply-Mover is highly multifunctional!

“The Simply-Mover is multifunctional.” (sports hall manager)

tribune eenvoudig met 1 persoon openklappen d.m.v. de Simply-Mover


Ook de matten wagen eenvoudig te verplaatsen in de gymzaal d.m.v. de Simply-Mover

"Unloading lorries has never been this easy and fast thanks to the Simply-Mover. Working on a slope poses no problems whatsoever." (Albert Heijn employee)

rolcontainer duwen zonder elektrisch hulpmiddel


Pushing a roll container without the Simply-Mover.

Rolcontainer eenvoudig verplaatsen met de Simply-Mover elektrische trekker 


Met behulp van de Simply-Mover krijgt men de rolcontainer zonder problemen de helling op bij dit AH filiaal.

Simply-Movers are suitable for use in the following, and other, sectors:

• Retail
• Linen rental companies
• Distribution companies
• Hotels
• Flower and fruit auctions
• Breweries
• Supermarkets
• Airports
• Nurseries
• Nursing homes and hospitals
• Printers and mail order companies
• Industry
• Bakeries

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